Ashton is a breath of fresh air to the entertainment industry. His infectious energy combined with professionalism and willingness to keep you happy makes him easy to work with.

Round Clear Cut Ashton

Ashton has lived in New Zealand for over a decade now and independently runs Ashfonics Entertainment exclusively as a Wedding, Corporate and celebrations service provider along with a well dedicated team.

Ashton has a reputation for providing sound and honest advice at all times and is dedicated to serve you with your event needs; whether it be organising or planning, 

Music has always been a passion for Ashton D’Silva with musical icons he looked upto. Setting up his own Djing business at age 21 was the best way he could live out that passion.

Entertaining people with the music they loved was something he enjoyed. He did this successfully for eight long years in India. Landed in NZ to study an audio engineering course and fell in love with NZ (heaven on earth). For a while he forgot about entertainment as he worked in hospitality and banking.  After meeting so many beautiful people here he went back to his passion of entertaining.

Today Ashton is very happy being a father, a husband, a home owner, an entertainer and a real estate agent.

"Life is not what happens to you, but how you choose to respond to it..."





Jessie is a vibrant DJ who is in his prime and has a passion for entertainment. He will make you laugh and see that every moment of your event is well taken care of.

Round Clear cut Jessie

Jessie has had a love for music and people from a young age, He always knew he belonged in the music industry as an entertainer. His first introduction was at the age of 14 when he started creating and producing his own music, 

Jessie started his entertaining career in 2011. He created a name for himself organising birthday parties for his mates. In 2015 after a chance meeting with Ashton at a bus stop he progressed to a more refined level of entertainment and has never looked back.

Jessie has a reputation for being very charming and polite with all the guests he serves at his events. He consistently pushes the envelope and looks for new ways to entertain his guests. He loves to interact with his guests when entertaining at his events keeping the energy levels extremely high.

Jessie was born and raised in New Zealand with a mixed background of both Greek and Rarotongan that heavily influenced his upbringing. Growing up with such a large and diverse family helped shape him into a confident and well carried man who is able to easily work with others and understands the difference within multiple cultures and how to adapt appropriately to them..

Jessie partnered with Ashton in 2016, together they have grown Ashfonics Entertainment to become a household name in the industry.